Do I Need to Use a Special Type of Air Filter for My Furnace or AC Unit?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES if your home or office has central heating and air conditioning. It's also YES if your home or office has a separate cooling unit (HVAC or AC) and heating unit (furnace), as both usually share the same air treatment system. Your Texas home heating and cooling system has a filter, which you can describe according to the current season, calling it a furnace filter in winter and an air conditioning filter in summer.\If this is your first time changing the filter, you can confirm the correct size by consulting the manufacturer's manual or by checking if the size is indicated on the label of the current filter you just removed. Most DIY stores sell air conditioning filters ranging from the MERV 1 to the MERV 13, although CR has tested models as tall as the MERV 16. Nordic Pure reports that the filter's pressure drop is 0.24 inches, making it slightly larger than the similar Filtrete 1500, equivalent to the 0.22-inch MERV 12. The air is charged with particles, passes through the filter only once, and the results are measured.

The air filter in your HVAC system works to remove particles from the air in your home and keep the air conditioner and boiler running smoothly.\These filters perform similar to the Nordic Pure MERV 12. Many owners have rated them very highly, they are available in a wide range of sizes and the high probability that they will be in stock at a nearby hardware store is a great advantage if you need them as soon as possible. It's not until FPR filters 4 and 5 begin to trap larger particles, such as household dust and lint, dust mites, pollen and pet dander. If you don't find Nordic Pure in your size or if you prefer to buy and buy a new filter at a store right away, Honeywell's FPR 9 and Filtrete MPR 1500 filters are similar and are widely available in retail stores. But these are usually only filters with a MERV 11 rating at least, the rating where filters begin to trap most particles the size of common allergens.\While many people refer to air conditioning and heating filters as if they were different, this is not the case.

In a traditional air conditioning system, the air filter is usually installed between the air conditioning unit and the return duct.

Fibreglass, polyester, washable, pleated and electrostatic filters offer different air filtering capabilities.

If you currently have 1-inch filters, you might consider upgrading your system to fit 4-inch filters. To make sure it fits you properly, take out your current air filter and check the size printed on the frame. There are also visual cues to consider when deciding whether to replace your furnace filter, Owen wrote.

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